Scarlet Witch vs. Dark Phoenix: Who Will Win?






In the battle of Scarlet Witch vs. Dark Phoenix, who will win? This is a question that has been on the minds of Marvel and X-Men fans for years. While both characters are powerful telekinetics with control over the forces of nature, there are some key differences between them that could tip the scales in one fighter’s favor. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about two to learn who will win Scarlet Witch vs. Dark Phoenix fight.

Scarlet Witch: The Basics

First introduced in 1964, Scarlet Witch is a mutant with the ability to manipulate probability. In other words, she can affect the likelihood of events occurring just by using her mind power. She has also been known to generate “hexes” or “chaos energy blasts” that can cause physical effects like melting metal or exploding matter. As a result of her chaotic powers, Scarlet Witch is sometimes called the “most dangerous woman in the world.” 

While her powers might seem uncontrollable at times, Scarlet Witch is actually a very skilled fighter. She received training from Captain America himself and has even held her own against fellow Avengers like Thor and Iron Man. When it comes to fighting style, Scarlet Witch prefers to stay on the defensive, using her chaos energy blasts to disrupt her opponent’s attacks before they can connect. 

Dark Phoenix: The Basics

The Dark Phoenix first appeared in 1980 as part of The Dark Phoenix Saga, one of the most popular story arcs in all of Marvel comics. In this saga, Jean Grey—a member of the X-Men—is exposed to deadly levels of solar radiation while saving her teammates from certain death. This radiation unlocks previously hidden psychic powers within Jean, transforming her into the Dark Phoenix. 

Scarlet Witch vs. Dark Phoenix

As the Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey is nearly uncontrollably powerful. She possesses telekinetic abilities strong enough to lift an entire stadium and can generate enormous pyrokinetic blasts hot enough to melt steel. She also has limited precognitive abilities that allow her to see into the future and anticipate her opponents’ attacks. In short, when she’s in full Dark Phoenix mode, Jean

The Battle Begins: Who Will Win?

So, who would win in a fight between Scarlet Witch and Dark Phoenix? It’s tough to say. On the one hand, Scarlet Witch is a skilled fighter with years of experience taking down powerful opponents. On the other hand, Dark Phoenix is an immensely powerful being with almost unlimited destructive potential. 

In the end, it may come down to who can keep their cool under pressure. Scarlet Witch is known for her chaotic and unpredictable powers, which could end up hurting her as much as they hurt her opponent. Dark Phoenix, on the other hand, has shown remarkable control over her powers, even in the heat of battle. If she can maintain that control against Scarlet Witch, she may be able to come out on top.


 At the end of the day there’s no clear winner in this matchup; it really depends on who gets control first off and how they utilize their powers throughout battle.. Nevertheless based off FBIA (fighting style and abilities), our researchers believe that if these two went head-to-head with no prior warning then Dark phoenix would come out on top as victorious .  What are your thoughts? Leave any comment or questions down below!

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